School Rules and Etiquette

1. Arrive on time for class and attend class regularly.

2. Wear your school uniform when training. (No jewelry, etc.)

3. Salute and bow insa when you enter or leave the school, showing respect to country, master, instructors, and students.

4. Address all black belts as Sir or Ma’am, Instructor, or Master. For example: “Grandmaster Jin, Sir” or “Ruth Anne, Ma’am” .

5. Keep your do jang (martial arts school) clean inside and out.

6. Bring a positive attitude to class, focus, and do your best.

7. Do not let doubt or fear overshadow your training.

8. Show patience, respect, humility, and kindness to others.

9. Always persevere, have patience, and never give up.

10. No alcohol just before or during class.

11. Smoking or chewing gum is not permitted in the school.

12. Use respectful language and tone of voice.

13. Remember that we are all brothers and sisters.

14. Sparring or use of weapons requires Grandmaster Jin’s permission.

15. Protective gear must be worn for sparring. (Chest protection, head gear, arm and shin guards, mouth piece, and groin cup.)