About Us

It is my pleasure and privilege to welcome you and your family to Korean Martial Arts Academy. The study of Ho Kuk Mu Sul is far more than a sport; it is a way of life. Martial arts students aptly learn focus, respect, patience and confidence, and apply these skills to achieve success in academic studies and many other pursuits. To earn a black belt in martial arts is to earn a black belt in life.

Training for martial arts students begins by practicing respect and patience. The student learns martial art skills, as water travels down hill flowing around obstacles, finding balance and harmony in his or her environment. Instructors teach through encouragement and good example. We don’t expect all students arrive to their first classes with the same level of physical skill or strength. Our instructors work patiently and realize that each students skill develops in his or her own time. Korean martial arts students learn to focus and direct their physical and mental energy. As a one attains physical skills, valued character attributes such as perseverance, patience, and confidence also develop.

When a student advances toward the black belt, each is encouraged to lead class and develop his or her leadership potential. Leading others or helping less experienced students further builds precision and confidence. Confidence in one’s ability fosters patience and results in modesty within the most experienced students.

We endeavor to help each person reach his or her potential through patience and understanding. Through structure, repetition, and the example of good role models, Ho Kuk Mu Sul cultivates the development of a resilient spirit, confidence, patience, and modesty.  These qualities provide the foundation for a person of solid character.

I look forward to helping you or your child begin a lifelong pursuit of health, strength, confidence, and happiness through the study of martial arts.

Grandmaster Sang Un Jin, 8th Degree Black Belt