Preparing for a Tournament

in 6 “Easy” Steps

Preparing for and participating in a tournament helps children enjoy the thrill of competition and gain experience focusing with an audience. Once you have registered for an upcoming tournament, these six steps below will help you and your child prepare for the event.

In preparation, gently encourage your child to:

Envision himself in the gym where the event will be held.

Attend class frequently.

Ask a black belt to watch and evaluate the form.

Memorize the the self introduction.

Practice slowly, precisely, and frequently.

Remember the goals are to have fun and build confidence.

On the day of the tournament, arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the events: forms are often in the morning, and sparring in the afternoon. Check with Grandmaster Jin or an instructor to determine when to arrive. When you first arrive, you register to receive a badge indicating your division. Listen for the division number to be called and assigned a ring number. Although there water and snacks are available, be sure to bring a water bottle and snack with you.